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2019 was quite a busy year. Probably one of my most productive years. Let's begin. No. Let's wrap it up.

To summarize (once again in bullets):
• Externship was a'ight. I learned a lot and the people were nice.
• The rest of the semester was pretty great. I got along well with my rotationmates. Clinic duties, farm duties, and more duties but I managed to pull through.
• End of the semester. Nearly everyone graduated.
• I didn't graduate because I still didn't do my thesis.
• Midyear break. Full of video games and ice cream sandwiches.
• Start of sem. I enrolled to work on my thesis. The store stopped selling the ice cream sandwiches I like.
• So. MLP ended. And I have mixed feelings about the finale, leaning towards to negative. But let's go on shall we?
• Steven Universe the Movie!! So gooooood.
• Birthdayyy!! Guess what I got:
And a Switch.
• My sibling helped me to finally start on my thesis. We did a lot only within a week.
• More thesis stuff.
• Thesis Outline Defense done?!?
• End of semester. I got a satisfactory grade?!? Thesis to be continued next semester.
• December, I joined Sudomemo. Fun site. I try to post every week there.
• Steven Universe Future!! Heartbreakiiiing.
• Christmaaas!! Guess what I got:
And Super Mario Party.
• Then we went to my dad's hometown to celebrate the New Year. It's been sorta fun. Very draining though.

Next year maybe I'll write in non-bullet form.

That's all.
So long. Farewell. Goodbye.

While we're on the subject, let's change the subject now

Hi, happy new year.

Let's see. 2018 was a'right I guess. Get ready, I am now gonna talk about it.

At the beginning of the year, I finally went to see a professional about my "problem". Guess what, I have Clinical Depression! Isn't that great?! The doctor got me started taking meds. I go into more details in my private tumblr blog that I still do not want to share. I've been writing a lot more in it than here making this blog kinda useless now. But you know, whatever.

I've been mostly consuming content the entire year. Mostly mlp related hehe. Oh and discovered a few bands/artists. With the biggest discovery of the year being JACK STAUBER. I like his music. I like his videos. I like his music videos. What a cool guy.

For video games, I didn't play much throughout the year.. I did finish Pokemon Silver using my GBC, also started playing Pokemon Go since September and around December I played a lot of Bully: Scholarship Edition. Cool game, currently at 85%. And on Christmas, I got a scooter and other cool stuff.

Also I gained more weight.

And my cat died.

See, 2018 was a'right.
But enough of 2018.

2019. *deep breath* *deep sigh*

There's going to be a lot going on this year. Mostly something to do with my school work. I've spent so much time in school but this year, I'm finally maybe able to graduate. But there's still a lot to do before that happens, and I'm scared. There's the externship, reports, papers, exams, and my thesis! God, I am scared. Actually, I've been scared the entire time since last year. So much work! Bluh.

I hope I don't mess up. And if I do, I hope I can still go on.

This is the New Year, and I Don't Feel Any Different

I'm gonna put this out first: 2017 WAS TERRIBLE. I HATED IT. A LOT.

Let's summarize the year in bullets,

  •  That exam I had to take January last year was a success. I had to cut some parts off my own cat. She turned out fine. 
  • Around February to early March, I've discovered the DarkSquidge weekly vlog series, Last Week. It gave me newfound admiration for TomSka, while I've liked him as a content creator years before, this series made me realize how I relate to him a whole lot. He's a pretty rad funny guy. 
  • I've noticeably grown horizontally. Not that I mind but the comments from the folks never stop, even though I get to see them regularly. Sheesh, ran out of things to say? I heard you the first 30 times. 
  • I started a journal, they're actually just facebook posts on private since I wanted to write down things but I don't want to disrupt the yearly tradition here.  
  • I mostly just played Animal Crossing the whole year, the only new game I played was Pokemon Sun, which btw, IS AWESOME.
  • SO MUCH STEVEN UNIVERSE, at least in the first half of the year, then the LONGEST HIATUS EVER happened. I cry.
  • Near end of May, BoBoiBoy Galaxy aired in Disney Channel. After that, binge-watching the entire series, looking through so many fanart, drawing fanart, and actually participating in a fan community happened. What? 
  • End of semester, I only failed in one subject.
  • In June, I moved my journal thing to a tumblr blog I abandoned. No way I'm sharing it, but you're free to find it if you want. Just, don't follow it, alright? 
  • September, I had a birthday that consisted of presents that are very rad.
  • Also, had a little vacation to a place with many crocodiles. 
  • Wait, I also got Pokemon Ultra Sun on the release date! (November)
  • Late November to early December, my mom got Netflix and shared her account with us. Bojack Horseman, dude. 
  • When I finished Bojack Horseman, I started watching another horse-related cartoon: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Yeah.
  • Oh, and I also became a Modest Mouse fan. 
  • End of semester, I failed no subject.

Whoooa this seems a lot. But I want to go into more detail in some. f:id:MetaDarkeus:20180105104056j:plain

Me gaining weight and showing it was just inevitable to me, but apparently not to others. One thing I did not mention, I got a lot of drawing done! They're on my main tumblr that you're free to check out ( Getting interested in BoBoiBoy really got the drawing mood going haha. Currently, I'm just swimming in MLP fanart cuz I've finished all available episodes and official comics. What's that? Which of the Mane 6 is my favorite? I'm afraid there isn't cuz I find them all likeable and hot. I also want to start drawing them too, but I haven't had time to practice at all with my laptop getting busted and all. I guess I forgot to mention that. Hehe. 


Behold, a finger doodle of the Mane 6 and all their glory, The accuracy is astounding.

If you look at it, seems like nothing horrible happened to me. Truth be told, yes. Nothing horrible happened to me. It's more like, horrible things were happening, but only inside me. All these good things happening, but I wasn't happy. Why wasn't I happy? I don't know. I feel very guilty for being very ungrateful. And that went on almost the entire year. I can't and don't know how to stop. I hope I get the help I need soon. Let's hope that appointment my mom made in the next 2 weeks won't be a waste.

Here's to 2018, yay.

Heya. Happy to be here. Again. After a year.


I'm just here, gonna do my yearly thing where I reflect from the last year and you know the rest yeah right okay let's start uh huh

Two semesters have passed since my last entry, I gotta say I'm pretty impressed with myself. Well, it's nothing actually impressive. I mean, I failed a subject in the first and had to attend summer classes, and I also got one conditional grade in the second so I have to take an exam in the next few days but STILL, I can't believe I haven't killed myself yet!! I'm so happy for me!!!

Moving to another subject regarding something I also happen to enjoy: DRAWING

I drew a lot this year! I've been keeping a doodle notebook and I got my tablet to work. It's seriously great that I'm getting interested in drawing digitally again. Uhhh I'm using my phone to write this so um here?:

It's a doodle of Peridot hahaha

Speaking of Peridot, I also became addicted to Steven Universe. I've been a fan since 2014 but now I can just never get enough of it and I blame it all on the Steven Nuke. It's now a huge part of my life and I don't regret it. Also it's one of the reasons I've been drawing a lot again. Also because of it I've learned to accept myself for uh whatever I am *cough* and others for whatever they are. I can't wait to learn more from it!

I seem to be putting only good news here.
(Whoops: published early heh stupid mobile version)

I know many tragedies happened in 2016. Truthfully, I have no idea how to live in this planet anymore. I've been really numb about a lot of things. I tried to ignore it and just try to keep going maybe see where it'll take me. Huh. Wow I hate this paragraph. I can't understand a thing in this paragraph? Wow?

Cheers to 2017! Let's see what you've got.

Oh wow! It IS gonna be a yearly thing!

Ahahaha! Didn't realize that it's already 2016, so the tradition is still followed! I'm thinking this blog would just be about either: A) what I'm looking forward to the year as it starts, or B) what I thought of the year as it ends, or C) y'know some mid-year thing. You get the point. 

Since it's the start of the year, option A it is.

I started the year in a really GREAT way. I've been playing Undertale. I've been reading about Undertale. I've been watching stuff about Undertale. I've been drawing a lot of Undertale. Undertale. Undertale. Undertale.

School starts in 10 days for me and I think I'll be fully loaded on cutting certain organs off of cats and dogs. (If you didn't get that, don't worry, I'm not killing them). I've enjoyed the last semester but I don't know about this next one. //sweats profusely//

Hmmmm...maybe I'll also talk about what I thought of 2015 since this entry seems short(not comparing to previous ones, I meant in general). 



Early 2015, I discovered Don Hertzfeldt. He's an animator. I backed his Kickstarter for a Blu-ray of his works! Lol, I don't even own a blu-ray player. That guy is so cool, I wish to be like him one day. 

Mid 2015, I got into Avenged Sevenfold. They're the first and, I guess, the only heavy metal band that I'm into. Maybe for now since I'm kinda new to the genre. I really like them due to their musical style and lifestyle. The one member I look up to the most is the Rev, he's totally an idol to look up to. It's such a shame that he's gone.

Late 2015, I became a Doctor Who fan, hehe. 

Near-end 2015, I played and finished Undertale.

And now, I'm replaying it. 


Alright, that's enough. I WOULD like to share a touchy subject concerning myself but I think I'll save that for next year.

Oh wow. Is this gonna be a yearly thing?

Seriously. It seems I only remember to write stuff here once a year, I really need to change that. 

Anywho, what AM I gonna write about anyway? I know! I'll tell you about how I got into the majestic franchise we all know as....POKEMON. Lol. Story time.


Actually, y'know what? I don't want to talk about that.


Instead, here's a photo I took:


sup brah


Yeah, I know. Seems a bit late, yeah, I've been really excited since it was announced and even MORE excited when the trailer went out. And it also means A NEW POKESPE ARC, GAHD.





Okay, I'm done.